The CMS Server is the heart of the parking system. All equipment such as the Automation Lane Barrier, AutoPay Station, Ticket Dispenser, Ticket Exit Verifier, Season Pass System etc are connected to the CMS server via a local area network environment.

The CMS is usually located at the site back office and its main function is to monitor all individual equipment functionality live online. It also gathers, collates and compiles all information for all the equipment in the network providing a series of back office management reports.


  • Provides live monitoring of Autopay Station, Entry Gates, Exit Gates,Lane Barriers, Season Pass Systems, etc.
  • Multiple levels of user ID login/password for administrator and operation staff
  • Allows users to query & view transaction records on system
  • Setup of multiple tariff car park rates
  • Full suite of back office reports


  • Daily Sales Report (By Shift)
  • Weekly Sales Summary Report
  • Monthly Sales Summary Report
  • Cancelled Tickets Report
  • Discounted Ticket Report
  • Free Tickets Report
  • Lost Ticket Usage Report
  • FOC Tickets Report
  • Outstanding Ticket Report
  • Special Ticket Summary Report
  • IOU Report
  • Payment Summary Report
  • Car Parking Collections Report
  • CNA Shift Summary Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Hourly Traffic Daily Report
  • Length of Stay Report
  • Card Status Report
  • Season Card Transactions Listing
  • Employer Listing
  • User Listing
  • User Activity Report
  • Top Up Code Report
  • Coin Box Job Report
  • Coin Hopper Job Report
  • Note Validator Job Report
  • Recycling Cassette Job Report
  • APM Shift Summary Report
  • APM Events Listing
  • Card User Listing (In Details)
  • Violation Report
  • Event Listing