Digital Frontier Security System DFA3300 (8 Zones DF Alarm)

8 Fully Programmable Zone
Each of the zones are fully programmable (e.g. interior, entrance/exit door eyc.) and can be activated for maximum protection whenever the zone is triggered.
2 Partition
The area partition allows the control panel to split zones into different area of operation. Each area carries a separate control for its designated function. The panel operates effectively as two different systems by sharing with one alarm outputs.
Built-in Smart Dialer
The smart dialer built in the system is able to inform you when the alarm is triggered. It is so powerful that you are even able to arm or tone phone. There are a total of four phone numbers that can be programmed.
Built-in Home Automation (2PGM)
The control panel in the system can turn your system on or off with your PIN number and control outputs that activate anythingthat can be switched on and off (light, electric door, radio, air conditioner and etc.)

  • 8 Fully Programmable Zones
  • (Interior,Exterior,Entrance/Exit)
  • 2 Partitions Allow The Panel Split Zone Into Difference Area
  • Built-in Smart Dialer For Remote Arm / Disarm & Infrom User When Alarm Trigger (4 set for phone number)
  • 2 PGM Home Automation Output Built-in For Contro Home Light, Air-con, TV etc
  • Max 6 Keypad Supported by Contro Panel
  • 2 Intelligent Zones To Minimize ¬†False Alarm
  • Multiple Fuse Protection Function Built-in
  • Event Memory
  • Zone Sensitivity Adjustable
  • Status Indicators By LED@Keypad
  • Multiple User Code
  • Zone Sensitivity Adjustable