MicroEngine XP-GTR1200/XP-GTR1200LAN

MicroEngine XP-GTR1200/XP-GTR1200LAN is a tightly integrated controller with built in Reader that enables and stylish design with touch sense keypad, it to become a totally independent solution. It has the ability to beĀ configured through the built in user interfaces or through the software application (XP-NET, XP-2005, XP- 2007). When operating in the controller mode, the unit can be programmed to operate in different modes to suit different applications like door access, time attendance. In Reader mode, the unit will act as a dedicated entry reader that is connected to a Reader interface. Auxiliary reader inputs enable ease of connecting exit readers.


MicroEngine XP-GTR1200/XP-GTR1200LAN
Dimension 103mm x 110 x 30mm(Casing)
Input Voltage 12Vdc
Current Consumption 300mA
Processor 8 bit RISC
Clock Speed 25MHz
Program Memory 128kBytes
Data Memory 2MBytes
RAM 8kBytes
Batt. Back Real Time Clock Yes
Watchdog Yes
Fuse Protection Yes
Uplink 1 nos build in LAN (Only for GTR-1200LAN),
1 nos RS485 (2400/9600bps), 1 nos RS232
Downlink 1 nos RS485 (9600bps)
Supported Interface MAS-RBU, MIO-44
Reader Input ABA-Track2, Wiegand 26
Display 128×64 graphics display with backlight
User Input 16 keys Touch Sense Keypad
Operation Mode Door Access mode, Time Attendance mode
Reader Frequency 125 kHz
Reader Type EM Compatible
Card Holder Size 1,200 users
Event Transaction Size 10,000 transactions
Time Set Capacity 99
Time Zone Capacity 99
Holiday Date 30
Antipassback Enforcement Yes (Local)
Add on Module XP-MF1(finger print module, ONLY applicable for Single Door Controller)